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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 14, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and thanks so much for joinning us. we'll see you at 6:00, world news is next . welcome to "world news," tonight bracing for impact. millions of americans on high alert in the hours ahead. >> tornados already touching down. homes smashed. trees torn from the ground and tonight our team reporting right from the extreme weather zone. secret service scandal. a team of agents on the president's security detail relieved of duty. tonight they're under investigation. accusations involving prostitutes and heavy drinking. caffeine jitters new science and new images revealing what that cup of coffee really does to your brain. our correspondent and mris before and after. and dan harris dockside using computers to reveal what it would have looked like had the "titanic" actually reached new york, 100 years ago.
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good evening, we begin saturday night with urgent weather warning, tornado alerts for millions of americans right in the heartland. forecasters studying weather models are using the words life threatening to describe what's coming. already at least 19 new year's day knows just a few hours how time slamming into oklahoma, kansas and nebraska. overnight a twister bearing down on lawton, oklahoma, and right theres aftermath. twisted trees and destroyed homes. take a look at the areas in the danger zone. areas in the dark red facing the greatest threat. this is a fast-moving system and this will be a tense night ahead for so many. meteorologist ginger zee is leading our team on the ground tonight. she starts us off from woodward, oklahoma. ginger. >> reporter: the storm prediction center says there's a 70% chance today we'll see an ef-5. we have a wall cloud right behind us. check out the rest of the story.
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they hit the heartland fast and with fury, twisters touching down in at least kansas and nebraska. a sign of a dangerous night ahead. reports of damaged homes and baseball-sized hail. outside woodward, oklahoma, we saw this. >> here it comes. >> reporter: it's been 24 hours of bracing for the worst. all starting with this twister that hit norman, oklahoma yesterday sending terrified university students scrambling for shelter. our team was there in norman, at the storm prediction center when the warnings went out. >> power lines are down, power lines are down. >> reporter: the tornado cut an eight-mile swath through a town of 100,000, whipping traffic poles, ripping off roofs and injuring 19. and by this morning, another ominous sky in norman, but this one, shoving moisture into the storm. captured by our time lapse camera. just four hours later --
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>> it is just before 1:00 central time. a particularly dangerous situation. a tornado watch has been issued for many areas in nebraska, kansas and oklahoma. our target is woodward. we'll go west and intercept the storm. >> forecasters call the tornado threat a life threatening event in parts of oklahoma, kansas and nebraska. and it was only the second time in history that the storm prediction center issued a high-risk warning more than a day in advance. >> three-inch hail east of petersburg. it's at 12:36. >> this is it omaha. issues a severe thunderstorm warning for freemont county and southeastern mills county effective until 2:00 p.m. >> reporter: in omaha, nebraska, forecasters were working overtime to get the warnings out. >> this one may be for the record books. >> reporter: ginger zee abc news, woodward, oklahoma. >> ginger, thanks so much. ginger and the entire team will remain on the ground with the latest first thing in the morning on "good morning
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america". but we move on into the scandal involving the secret service and accusations of drinking and hiring prostitutes in colombia. this could be the explosive investigation into the 147-year history at the secret service. this case is quickly developing. about a dozen agents were relieved of duty and brought back to the u.s. from colombia. where they were on assignment ahead of president obama's arrival there this weekend. abc's reena ninan is in colombia with the latest for us. reena. >> reporter: good evening, we're hearing the scandal is widening beyond the secret servicemen involved and now includes five military personnel. the scandal, an unwanted distraction for president obama, attending what is billed as summit of the america, members of the secret service team were relieved of their duties and sent home following allegations of excess drinking and where many men solicited prostitutes. an american official tells abc news, the incident doesn't
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involve those agents you see guarding the president every day. the personnel in question were working on security in advance of the president's visit here. >> he was made aware of that. beyond that i'm not going to characterize his reaction. >> reporter: but the allegations were serious enough for the secret service to pull the entire unit out thursday before the president arrived. another team was flown in to replace them. >> to take chances like this and compromise security like this is a scandal. >> reporter: the agency said that no point was the president's security compromised. the secret service in a statement is promising a thorough investigation. the secret service takes all allegations of misconduct seriously. this entire matter has been turned over to our office of professional responsibility which serves as the agency's internal affairs come point. the last time the secret service faced this public scrutiny when agents allowed the now infamous party crashers the salahis to attend a state dinner in 2009. if found guilty of misconduct,
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the secret service personnel in this scandal could face possible reprimand or even lose their jobs. david. >> reena ninen, thank you. back in this country, millions of americans are spending at least part of their weekend scrambling to finish their taxes. tonight new pressure from president obama on his mind, mitt romney to finish his and make those tax returns public. here's ab's david kerley. >> reporter: for the first time. and after he released ten years of his tax returns, the president directly called on his likely opponent to match his move. >> absolutely. i think that it's important for any candidate for public office to be as transparent as possible. >> reporter: romney has released just one tax return, and just asked for an extension for this year. meanwhile in his weekly address. >> by voting for the buffett rule. >> reporter: mr. obama continued his campaign for a change in the tax code named after a billionaire. >> the buffett rule. >> the buffett rule. >> the buffett rule. >> reporter: the so-called buffett rule would require those
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making more than $1 million to at least pay the same rate as the middle class, 30%. buffett said he shouldn't pay a lower rate than his secretary and the american public agrees. a gallup poll just out said that 60% of americans says congress should pass the buffett rule. 37% say it's a bad idea. the president is turning up the volume on the buffett rule because it comes up in the senate monday. despite the president's efforts and public support, it is not expected to pass. david. >> david kerley in washington, thank you. i want to bring in senior political correspondent, john karl. jon, we heard from the president today, that the push for the mitt romney to release his tax returns, that the president said every candidate should be transparent, in his own words, when mitt romney's father ran for president, he released 12 years of tax returns, to set an example. here's what his son said about that. >> i agree with my dad on a lot of thing, but we also disagree.
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putting out 12 years of tax returns is something i'm not going to do. i'm putting out two years which is more than anyone else on the stage. >> this was already a battle during the primary fight. did they not know team obama would put pressure on them again? >> they absolutely knew. frankly there's nothing they can do about it. so they're not going to release returns. the last we saw about the swiss bank account. cayman islands account. they want no more of that. all he's committed to do is release current year's returns. and they just filed an extension on that for another six months. >> six months puts you in the middle of the campaign. is there a danger in that? >> yes. and they are working hard with their accountants, they want to get this out far before october. they don't want this in the fall. look for that return to be released sometime over the summer. >> and the comments from the democratic strategist who said mrs. romney never worked a day in her life. the fallout continues. we saw the rock star welcome in the last 24 hours on the campaign trail. viewers writing in on both sides, this is what i heard on facebook. if she wants to talk about raising children, that's fine. however, she has absolutely no
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experience of raising children and providing for their support. the entire family is totally out of touch with the middle class. yet, on the flipside. michelle writes, it's a blessing for a mom to stay home and race children if one can afford to. and for anyone to claim that's not work, is ridiculous. die vicive here. >> they're going full steam ahead. the romney campaign knows they're being hit for being out of touch with middle class voters no matter what. they love this issue, they are already putting out bumper stickers. this is an e-mail that went out trying to raise money offering anybody that donates for the romney campaign to get a bumper sticker saying moms drive the comeecht economy. these are career moms and make ann romney a symbol of those and could be a decisive factor. >> and full steam ahead, as you say, jon. thanks very much. and a reminder, on monday here, diane will be sitting down with mitt romney and his wife, anne. we want to hear your question, send them to us at or yahoo!! news. and george stephanopoulos continues the debate first thing in the morning with powerhouse
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"roundtable." he sits down with timothy geithner, talking taxes, working women, and whether women in this economy has been hit hardest. and meanwhile, we continue with something everyone can relate to, the price of gas. the evening, an unexpected shift. are gas prices coming down? it's an average $3.90 a gallon. that's down 6 cents. there from the peak last month. have prices reversed course for good? t.j. winick with a reality check tonight. >> reporter: they are the sure-fire ways you can tell spring has arrived. rising temperature, return of baseball, and skyrocketing gas prices in the run-up to memorial day. only this year, just like the cherry blossoms, it appears gas prices may have peaked early. >> i can see it's gone 10, 20 cents something like that. >> i think they're going down. >> reporter: why the spring surprise? analysts say it's due to slowdown in china's economy, increased production and new hope for the talks with iran over its nuclear program.
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>> the market was sort of sighing a sign of relief that the talks were going to happen. things look to be going well. if that continues monday. and the market sees that, prices may decline a bit more. s. >> and the proof is at the pump. in michigan a gallon costs 3.80. down from 3.90 monday. in chicago, where the cost was 4.67 a gallon at the end of march is now down to $4.33. it's bucking a serious trend. gas prices typically surge in the spring due to higher demand and industry switches over to summer blend fuels to meet clean air laws. if the price to fill up your car continues to drop, that's also good news for frequent flyers. local prices will calm the fears of major airlines who are now not expected to raise air fares. not everyone is predicting gas prices won't go up again soon but even the worst-case scenarios have gas prices peaking at just over $4 a gallon. far cry from earlier predictions of $5 gasoline. david.
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>> t.j. winick, thank you. as you heard the report. iran playing a role in whether gas prices stay where they are or drop even further. tonight there appears to be progress in the talks at turkey, iran sits down with the u.s. and other world powers on other side. another round of negotiations already set for next month. >> now to an image that fascinated us. new window into life on antarctica. for the beloved emperor penguins. it's a few we have not seen before. it's a look at antarctica's emperor penguins, a team of biologists and photographers all over the world conducted a first ever census, the first ever population count taken from space, a satellite looking first at the penguins' dropping, which then led them to the penguins themselves. the darkest dots there, the actual penguins. an estimated 595,000 penguins
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living in antarctica. twice as many than was originally thought. all living in colonies circling the entire coastline. getting a real count has long been a challenge, because the penguins live in areas that are so difficult to get to. remote, frigid, temperatures 58 degrees below zero. >> it's almost impossible to count them on the ground because of the harsh, remote environment. with a satellite you can take every single colony. in a snapshot of time. you can get the whole population in one go. >> reporter: emperor penguins, are the largest of the penguins species, average weight 66 pounds, height close to 4 feet. they feed on fish and squid which they catch on drives that are longer and deeper than any other penguin or bird. they can dive 1800 feet below water, holding their breath for up to 22 minutes. >> 22 minutes. that satellite giving us a brand-new view tonight. there is still much more ahead here on "world news" this saturday night. your brain on caffeine and this evening, our correspondent getting two mris with two very different results.
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abc's lisa stark with her own mris before and after. >> it's the most popular drug in the world. >> i need that little boost. >> everywhere. from 320 milligrams in a starbucks coffee grande. about the max you should have in the day. to energy drink, to sodas, now even inhaleables. now even inhaleables, 100 milligrams in an instant. but could that daily dose of caffeine be changing your brain? we turned to researchers at wake forest in north carolina where i underwent two mri brain scans. this first scan with no caffeine in my system then i downed just one drink. now my second mri. this was my brain before caffeine. this was after. >> the difference was remarkable. >> it's like a 40% drop in the blood flow to your brain. >> so, before caffeine, the blood flow to my brain dropped
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about 40%. >> 40%? >> really? >> why the drop? caffeine blocks a chemical called adenosine which controls blood flow to the brain. add caffeine, blood vessels constrict, and heart rate and blood pressure goes up. less blood circulates in the brain. so if you skip your regular coffee, that surging blood can trigger a caffeine headache. >> it's like trying to get a fire hose to pump broad up to your skull. if you're a caffeine lover, your brain actually changed. it now functions normally on caffeine. >> how much caffeine do i have to drink to change the physiology of my brain. >> not very much? >> not very much? one cup a day will change your brain. >> the good news, experts say for healthy adult, a few cups a day is not dangerous. keep in mind a little caffeine can do a lot. lisa stark, abc news, winston salem, north carolina. that's something.
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lisa thank you. when we come back on the broadcast, her face has captivated us for centuries. tonight the new discovery did mona lisa have a twin?
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millions of people have flocked to see da vinci's mona lisa at the louvre in paris, and there's so many copies out there. our historians x-rayed this copy. in madrid. a forensics team. every change painted by the original was mirrored on the second painting, things you can't see with the naked eye. they believe it must have been painted by someone sitting right beside da vinci, most likely a student copying his every move. proves the madrid is not a replica, but original. just not by da vinci. and other pictures from deep space. the first time the light effect has ever been seen from far from earth. the light show has captured what we call an aurora on the icy blue planet. and 100 years ago tonight.
5:53 pm
the "titanic" collided with an iceberg. the passengers retracing the journey, lining up for a dance on the ship's main dining room floor. gathering for a group portrait to mark the anniversary 100 years later. if you've been fascinated by the "titanic," two new theories, is the moon to blame or a mirage? and dan harris explain what it would have looked like had "titanic" made it to new york. for just a few minutes. ws the hygienist recommended biotene. it's clean and refreshing, i feel like i have plenty of fluid in my mouth. i brush with the biotene toothpaste and i use the mouthwash every morning. it's changed my life. it is the last thing i do before i walk out the door. biotene gives me that fresh confident feeling. but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams.
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and finally here the luxury theory, on what happened on the "titanic." one is the moon and the other a mira mirage, and dan harris has the image of an arrival we never saw. >> reporter: we know the basic banks on april 14th 1912 the unsupposedly unsingle "titanic" slammed into an iceberg, 1500 people perished and kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio were forever torn asunder and now on the 100th anniversary, two new intriguing theories. according to researcher, the earth was close to the sun that
5:57 pm
winter which would have produced record tides that sent unusual amount of icebergs into the "titanic's" path. and the other, a mirage that could have kept the ship's lookouts from spotting an iceberg. icy watters can cool the air and warp and bend images like a fun house mirror. take a look at the top of your screen. those are successive pictures of the same ship. look at the image change. the modern cruise industry has come a long way in terms of safety, sophistication and size. the "titanic" which was the largest ship of its kind in 1912 is actually much smaller than what we have now. the entire "titanic" can easily fit inside one of the larger cruise ships operating today. >> on this 100th anniversary, even the movie "titanic" is changing. after an astro physicist noticed the movie has gotten the night
5:58 pm
sky wrong, the movie in throw3d an accurate sky. history has been rewritten in a story that captured our imagination for a century. dan harris abc news new york. >> our thanks to dan tonight. to mark the anniversary, a mini series detailing the doomed voyage. that's tonight and tomorrow. hope to see you tomorrow evening. have a good evening. sawtiondz people stood in the
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parking lot forever hours stunned by the violence that took place here this morning. they came here to meet. he arrived in the bmw and she drove up in this rental car. witnesses say the man walked up and shot her. point blank in the head. then he went back to the car and shot himself.


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